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Stationery brand generally lack the " connotation " brand also need to rely on the enterprise culture

Source: Ning Bo Zhen Da Stationery Co., Ltd.   Author:   Time: 2012-08-31

At present, China stationery market environment facing the high cost of stationery manufacturing and fierce market competition, more and more stationery manufacturers began to realize the importance of creating a brand stationery. Stationery brand construction urgently begin to appear. However in brand building also was immersed in vicious circle, think the brand is shaping is a unified VI, several publicity is good, but ignored the brand backside is the essence of culture. Enterprise culture is in an enterprise's core value system is formed, with continuity of the common cognition, and habitual behavior. The enterprise is the enterprise spirit, external performance for the enterprise image. Then, the current Chinese stationery enterprises in brand building from the corporate culture and performance in where?

One, consciousness is weak

Just to the enterprise culture to ignore, also have misinterpreted or enforcement is not enough; there is some enterprises as for the enterprise culture the embellishment, not its increase to a certain height; resulting in most enterprises have not yet formed its own corporate culture, makes the brand construction of lack of a cultural support.

Two, the enterprise culture from employees

In the process of cultural spread, stationery enterprises first to employee communication, by the staff to the operator or customer communication, customer mutual communication, come very naturally formed benign loop chain. Can say the company every employee is the brand contact point. No staff participation, easy in implementation of conflict or cooperation, then the perfect corporate culture can play a role, but also very prone to claim that culture and essence of the culture difference.

Three, enterprise cultural homogenization

In the stationery industry, stationery design homogeneity is not a news, the stationery manufacturers bring loss is self-evident. At present, many enterprises in the definition of enterprise culture when no starting from the enterprise, the lack of enterprise itself characteristic. No serious study of the problem of deep administrative levels, have no right to position themselves. This resulted in the number of corporate slogan, often imitate one another, similar content.

Four, quick culture construction

Some enterprises that have their own enterprise culture is the enterprise of a great progress, so near as fashion blindly build, ignore the corporate stationery is a kind of soft investment, have long-term sex characteristics. Not accomplish at one stroke. Thus a enterprises in the establishment of enterprise culture, we must start from the basis, each step of a down, cannot be eager for quick success. An enterprise is formed once healthy mature enterprise culture, its value is limitless.