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China Stationery confidence come from where

Source: Ning Bo Zhen Da Stationery Co., Ltd.   Author:   Time: 2012-08-31

Enter since 2012, domestic and industrial economic environment is changing: raw material price fluctuations, the U.S. debt downgrades, domestic monetary tightening, and labor, land, energy, logistics prices. For foreign trade stationery manufacturing industry the most negative pressure, such as tariffs, trade barriers, and other national competition for local stationery industry policies. Always, always have a kind of feeling this way: Chinese stationery market not confident enough. It is this lack of self-confidence, China stationery always at one edge, has been in the tangle of growth.

Famous brands stationery enterprises with the control of the terminal, and the upstream enterprise strong bargaining power, so in the second half of the year prospect. The health industry is further aggravate, differentiation, with the integration of industrial chain and efficient supply chain integration capability of industries will have the opportunity to expand market share. The changing industrial environment once again stimulated stationery and this is one of the fragile nerves. However, we see gladly, in the first half of the year this one shot against impact, China Stationery stride write two words: confidence.

Benefit from the fund for the second half of " consumption " concept of the optimistic expectations, 8 months late, from the fund attention point of view, the stationery industry valuation of 18.02, has surpassed the average over the past 10 years.

Due to the mass of the traditional stationery manufacturing inflexible understanding, stationery industry and other emerging industries, in attracting excellent young people there is a natural disadvantage. Compared to the lack of skilled workers " labor shortage ", management personnel, marketing personnel and design talent " employment " will be the second half of the year stationery human resources market is the biggest difficult problem. Cost pressures, high " card" cost destroyed many stationery manufacturers brand dream. Therefore the development of small and medium enterprises to enter the line of stationery build-up, with " low threshold, low cost " to join, agents for a new round of building brand operation.

In the face of a changing industry environment, a low cost " made in China" from the times, enjoyed 30 years of population dividend of China, has ushered in the labor force from excess to shortage of change, a considerable part of stationery enterprises are experiencing from " labor " to " personnel " in the transformation period. In foreign trade respect, in order to avoid more hasten is nervous tariffs, trade barriers, China trade stationery enterprises will be a significant increase in the "ASEAN manufacturing ". The first half of the year, stationery products imports have increased, year-on-year growth of 15%, visible Chinese stationery enterprises and ASEAN and other trading partners in the second half of the year with the concurrence of bureau.