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Still popular cartoon stationery

Source: Ning Bo Zhen Da Stationery Co., Ltd.   Author:   Time: 2012-08-31

The reporter visited the district three of Yiwu International Trade City stationery wholesale market, found September Yiwu cartoon stationery still popular. Since September, Yiwu stationery operating households are busy awfully, stationery market in the consumption of the inertial climax. According to the operating households, introduced in 2009, Yiwu stationery market is still the most popular cartoon class supplies, all kinds of stationery as long as it is with cartoons have sell like hot cakes. SOONY, HELLO KITTY, pleasant goat, all kinds of cartoon stars are all students compete to chase hot.

The reporter visited the district three of Yiwu International Trade City stationery wholesale market, the stationery store is the flagship cartoon brand, with the cartoon or cartoon stationery shops have occupied the most prominent position. Not only such, cartoon stationery varieties are more common stationery to. Only in the case of successive Notepad, the reporter visited four or five stalls, actually is uniform with cartoon. Operating households Ding told reporters, the children that is the cartoon cartoon stationery, without significantly harder to sell, cartoon stationery general price than ordinary stationery up to two into.

The reporters also found that district three of Yiwu International Trade City stationery wholesale markets are crowded with customers. All kinds of stationery is also the goods are available in all varieties., small to rubber, pencil sharpener, pencil case, large bag ... ... According to one owner introduction, at present, all kinds of stationery small about hundreds of varieties. Students' school general with wrapping paper, pen, pencil case three parts mainly. Wrapping paper, bag slipcase, general price in 1 yuan / piece, set, consumption is the main target of the pupils, including a part of students. Package sheath at the size of two specifications, according to the size of primary and secondary school textbooks tailored. Because the plastic bag slipcase is not easily damaged, dirty after detachable cleaning, it is still very popular.

And wrapping paper, bag slipcase, pencil case is the rise in recent years, stationery, its utility and the pencil box roughly equivalent, and much to replace the trend. It is understood, pencil case of general price in 15 yuan / or so, usually with a cartoon, animal pattern.